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Gain visibility and resiliency in your application environment.

How do you currently map business applications in your environment and how confident are you in their accuracy? How quickly and effectively can you determine which applications are impacted by making changes or by systems that are known to be compromised? How do you maintain application maps and ensure that they are up-to-date?

Unfortunately, all of the above tasks are addressed with a patchwork of tools and processes that are both ineffective and exceedingly manual. They fail to provide the visibility into interrelationships between endpoints and application-context for those interrelationships. Extensive manual mapping techniques are strenuous for architects and produce maps that are almost immediately out-of-date. Scanner-based approaches are intractable, expensive, and ultimately inaccurate.

MAP with confidence.

Watch On-Demand now and see how Tanium's product team:

  • Discusses today's challenges in Application Dependency Mapping (ADM) and its importance
  • Introduces Tanium Map, our newest product module
  • Shows Tanium Map in action with a live demo

We hope to see you there!