Going Above and Beyond CDM Requirements


CDM: Take Control of Your Assets Webinar


Defend at the Speed of Cyber

With Tanium, agencies don’t have to wait 72 hours to respond to incidents or get data on their networks. They can get real-time, accurate data on every endpoint to take action in seconds, not days; quarantining a breach or deploying patch across hundreds of thousands of endpoints.

Complying with federal regulations — actively, every day.

Tanium helps federal agencies shift from reactive to active compliance. Whether it’s FISMA to FITARA, Command Cyber Readiness Inspections or cyber scorecards, Tanium helps agencies stay compliant with federal regulations every day. With Tanium, agencies always have a real-time inventory of their IT assets to make updates rapidly to stay compliant.

Migrating to the cloud — smarter, more cost-effectively. 
Migrating to the cloud requires agencies have an in-depth understanding of their applications, their needs from the cloud, and how to manage and secure it all. Tanium makes cloud migration easier and more cost-efficient, while meeting government cloud requirements, including FEDRamp.

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