Quantifying the Point Solution Nightmare

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Forrester Study: Quantifying the Point Solution Nightmare

Organizations have more solutions than ever that are designed to protect and maintain technology. It turns out, however, that point-tool sprawl may actually be the biggest threat to the enterprise’s health.

The combined complexity and difficulty of integrating endpoint tools limits the effectiveness of the teams who use them, and causes significant challenges related to visibility and speed to action.

Despite organizational efforts to align security and operations teams and create better technical integration between tools, the solution may instead depend on:

  1. Rethinking how endpoint solutions are organized, and;
  2. Reducing the complexity of the endpoint environment.

The Forrester study analyzes the current state of security and operations tools and how security and operations teams are aligned to manage and support those tools. Download now to read the results.

The report examines:

  • Point solution purchasing has created a vicious cycle;
  • Cross-functional tooling has changed how IT is organized
  • How current endpoint environments limit effectiveness of security and operations teams
  • To maintain environment health, firms must reduce endpoint complexity


Source: Quantifying The Point Solution Nightmare, a May 2018 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Tanium

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