2018 Endpoint Security Survey

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What’s keeping IT security pros up at night?

The 2018 Endpoint Security Survey, conducted by PwC on behalf of Tanium, polled 270 IT security professionals in North America to gauge their most pressing concerns about incident response, investigation, and remediation on endpoints. Here’s what we learned.

You’re really worried about re-compromise.

The threat of re-compromise -- the likelihood of an attack succeeding more than once -- is a concern for nearly two-thirds of respondents.

The speed of response is also a major area of concern, with the vast majority of respondents saying they are “somewhat” or “very” concerned about their ability to quickly perform crucial tasks such as incident remediation, detecting indicators of compromise on endpoints, and identifying vulnerabilities on endpoints.

The survey also explores:

  • Which technologies IT security pros feel hold the greatest promise of strengthening their endpoint detection, response, and remediation efforts.
  • How respondents plan to use managed services or internal IT staff to address these challenges.
  • What improvements in existing technologies will most strengthen their ability to detect and respond to incidents affecting endpoints.

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