IT Management on The Brink

Reaching a Breaking Point in Capabilities

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The headlines about attacks, breaches and compromises seem to arrive with ever-increasing frequency. Organizations face a growing number of challenges in maintaining secure and successful IT service environments in this more complex world, and are finding that existing operational models and tools simply can’t keep up.

A new operating model is needed; one that will bring teams together, allow more effective collaboration and, most importantly, improve the speed with which teams can accomplish key operational tasks. An organization’s security posture is no longer just the domain of security teams; it encompasses IT operations as well. It’s imperative that situational awareness improve in order to thwart adversaries equipped with an arsenal of capabilities that are constantly upgraded. That means that monitoring systems have to operate at greater scale and across an expanding set of devices while delivering more timely answers to a more complex set of questions.

At the same time, IT hygiene activities, such as patch management and remediation, have to become more effective and efficient.

Key Findings:

  • Current operational models aren't reacting quickly enough to modern requirements
  • The proliferation of point tools has led to high operational overhead
  • Better approaches exist with meaningful ROI benefits

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