The Accountability Gap

Cybersecurity & Building a Culture of Responsiblity

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Tanium & Nasdaq teamed up to investigate how global business leaders assess their own cybersecurity vulnerability to identify ways to create a stronger culture of responsibility, starting with non-executive directors.

The Accountability Gap: Cybersecurity & Building a Culture of Responsibility includes the key findings of an extensive study involving 1,530 non-executive directors, CEOs, and CIOs/CISOs of major corporations around the globe. While it may not be a surprise that every company is vulnerable in varying degrees, an alarming picture arose:

  • 91% of the high vulnerable board members say they can’t interpret a cybersecurity report
  • 98% of the high vulnerable executives are not confident in their organization's ability to track all devices and users on the system at all times
  • Only 10% of the high vulnerable respondents agree that they were regularly updated with information about the types of threats to cybersecurity that are pertinent to their business
  • 87% of high vulnerable board members and executives don’t consider their malware, antivirus, software and patches to be 100% up-to-date at all times

Read the report to learn more about the findings and actionable recommendations on how to minimize cybersecurity vulnerability in your organization.