Intro to Tanium

See Everything. Do Anything.

Make IT Security and Operations More Efficient Through Shared Visibility

Join us every Friday at 10:00 am BST / 11:00 am CST for an introduction to Tanium. You’ll learn how endpoint security is meaningless without visibility on what’s happening right now - not what’s recorded in a database. Arming security teams is only part of the equation. IT Operations teams also need a way to provide ongoing security hygiene, from getting visibility into the devices on the network and what software versions they are running to deploying patches and software updates to keep them in compliance.

Tanium is a platform that can transform IT. By connecting every endpoint with revolutionary speed and scale, Tanium solves problems across IT security and management functions. The Tanium platform takes individual tasks performed by other point-tools in hours or days and does them in seconds. In the process, Tanium makes organisations more secure and efficient through complete visibility and control.

Register for the webinar to see why the companies with the largest global networks, and the most critical data to protect and manage, choose Tanium.