Accelerate Your EDR Program with Tanium - Webinar Series

Accelerate Your EDR Program With Tanium

Three-Part Webinar Series - On Demand

In this three-part webinar series, we explore each aspect of an effective EDR program: detecting security incidents at scale; investigating and hunting across the entire attack surface; and remediating quickly.

In each webinar, Tanium’s own EDR team is joined by industry experts sharing real-world examples from the front lines of cyber-hunting, and discussing best practices for effective EDR programs.


Best Practices for Detecting Security Incidents at Scale

Detection is the beginning of your EDR program. Most organizations would like to reduce the amount of time between incident event and alert, as well as broaden the types of malicious activity they can detect on endpoints. In this webinar, Tanium will share tales from the IT security professional’s perspective, and discuss how they’ve focused on these key aspects of detection.

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Investigating an Alert and Post-breach Hunting for Anomalies with Matt Hollcraft, CISO of Maxim Integrated

Investigation and hunting doesn't have to be the most difficult part in your Detection and Response program. Hunting and investigating can take many man hours across an enterprise and chances are low that you've been able to investigate fully. In this webinar, Matt Hollcraft, CISO of Maxim Integrated, joins to share his real-world examples, and provide best practices on how to reduce the mean time to investigate.

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Best Practices for Remediating Recent Security Incidents

Consider how you recently remediated WannaCry or Petya-related incidents. Did you do more than quarantining impacted systems and killing malware? Remediation often entails complex changes to an endpoint or multiple endpoints. Organizations often struggle with orchestrating and executing broader remediation tasks. As a real-world example, we share how we remediate incidents at Tanium with Tanium.

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